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Why Kuma


Kuma is not your typical charity pump and dump. We made sure to launch with a custom dApp, amazing white paper and adorable brand to ensure long term success.

From our tokenomics, to strategic partnerships, Kuma coin is built for longevity and is here to stay.

Checkout out the roadmap for our strategic vision and execution strategy through 2022.

dApps & NFTs

dApps and the NFT Marketplace ensure that our price is steady and Kuma stands on a solid technical foundation from the start.

Brand Recognition

Donating to house hold names will associate Kuma coin with legitimacy. Our business development ninjas are always networking and forming alliances for Kuma's long term growth.


Kuma is mission focused. The entire operation is to fulfill one purpose, one mission. That is to help 1,000,000 children.

Launch Dates

Kuma's Birthday


JUNE 8th








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Kuma Coin Tokenomics


  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

    We will start with a large number of tokens to allow everyone to get in on the ground floor. as volume increase a lot of this will be burnt.

  • 10% Tax - Redistribution/Charity/Burn

    We burn 3% and add 1% to liquidity on each transaction, making Kuma more stable and valuable as volume increases.

  • 3% Charity
  • 3% Redistribution
  • 3% Burn
  • 1% Auto-Liqiduity

Our team of 3D animators are hard at work donating their time to create cutting edge cute-ness.

Each tier is a limited addition collection that will be sold during the first phase of our NFT market place. After that we will release collections to the general public for mass consumption.

Q2. 2021

Kuma Coin launch, initial marketing and donations

  • Website

    Website Creation and launch of the first iteration of the Kuma Coin website

  • Kuma Coin Token Launch

    Kuma Coin will launch on the Binance Smart Chain. The launch will include an initial presale followed by a public sale

  • Contract Audit

    The contract for Kuma Coin will undergo multiple 3rd party audits by well-known entities to ensure correctness and fairness to the community

  • CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listing

    Applications will be submitted to multiple coin listing websites including CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko among others like CoinHunt, CoinSniper, etc.

  • First Charity Partnership

    Kuma Coin will form its first charity partnership and start the journey to reach 1,000,000 children in need. This initial partnership will be sought out to provide assistance to children in the most effective and efficient way possible in order to kickstart the Kuma Coin Partnership Program (KCPP)

Q3. 2021

Marketing and partnership building

  • First Donation

    Kuma Coin will make their first donation to its first partnership charity. This donation will be a significant landmark in our journey to reach 1,000,000 children in need

  • NFT Marketplace

    Development and release of an NFT Marketplace will occur for various media. The NFT Marketplace will gather donations in a specific NFT charity wallet to boost the available tokens for donation

  • Strategic Marketing

    An aggressive marketing campaign will be planned and implemented to ensure the world knows about Kuma Coin. Our intention is to make Kuma Coin a recognizable worldwide marker of charitable assistance to children in need.

  • Partnerships and Donations

    Community driven partnership selection to occur in order to collectively choose our next partnership as well as future avenues to help children in need. We will initiate our second partnership in the Kuma Coin Partnership Program (KCPP) and analyze the current worldwide situation of children in need to choose future avenues of assistance to children

Q4. 2021

Centralized exchange listing + Road to 1,000,000

  • 10,000 Children

    By the end of Q4 we plan to reach our first interim-goal of reaching out to 10,000 children in our journey to reach 1,000,000 children in need

  • 1,000,000 Children Plan

    We will map out our journey to reach 1,000,000 children in need with detail and feasibility given the current worldwide situation of children that require assistance

  • iOS and Android App

    Kuma Coin will roll out a mobile app available to users of iOS and Android that will allow the community to track the Kuma Coin price, obtain statistics about the charity wallet and NFT charity wallet such as amount and transaction history, vote on items such as future partnership selection, and receive updates on the progress of the Kuma Coin project

  • Exchange Listing

    Applications to major exchanges will be submitted for the listing of Kuma Coin

  • Merch Store

    Launch of an online merchandise store to the Kuma Coin community

2022 and Beyond

Global brand awareness, KCPP expansion

  • Global Recognition

    Further implementation of the strategic marketing plan will move forward to give Kuma Coin global recognition as a charity for children

  • KCPP Expansion

    The Kuma Coin Partnership Program will expand further to include more charities for children in order to reach out to as many children as possible

The Kuma Coin app is set to be available to download for your iPhone or Android™ device! It features a lot of exciting functionality.

The Kuma Coin app will allow the community to track the Kuma Coin price, obtain statistics about the charity wallet and NFT charity wallet such as amount and transaction history, vote on items such as future partnership selection, and receive updates on the progress of the Kuma Coin project

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Do you want to learn more about Kuma Coin and our strategy towards attaining our mission to reach a million children? Download our white paper, it will enable you to make an informed decision to join the Kuma Coin mission.

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